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2019 will be my 50th consecutive young bird season! where did the time go?

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American Bred "Rudolph" Champion Birds

          3234 AU 98 VIK             2155 AU 04 VIK            4434 AU 05 VIK           7761 AU 03 VIK          14136 AU 10 GOLD         2864 AU 09 VIK           2865 AU 09 VIK

      233 AU 89 VIK            5951 AU 11 VIK             7504 AU 12 VIK           5987 AU 11 VIK             2843 AU 09 VIK             4260 AU 10 VIK            7357 AU 15 ARPU


    The Rudolph family of birds Excels at Middle & Long Distance also in one loft racing.  Placing 1st Concourse at all distances and making excellent one loft race bird's.  This Prolific family has Produced winners for over four decades.  The Rudolph family has reached the pinnacle of racing in Minnesota.  I have over 47 years of Breeding and Flying to strategically develop this family.  The Old Blood Lines of Stassart, Sion, and Fabry is what blended into Rudolph family, and the old lines are responsible for the development of many Champions all around the world, and still winning today competition!  Including my Championship Family of Rudolph  Blood Line!  The pass several years I have interlaced the Old line Buitta in some parts of my family with great success.  The Rudolph family has been winning Races & Shows for over fourth Decades! now with a good start in the fifth decade!  They have placed 1st in long & combined average speed and young & old birds average speed  2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,again 2017

Minnesota Invitational Series Since 2006,  Minnesota's Largest Pigeon Racing Competition 
As many as 124 Lofts Competing 
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Accomplishments North & N&S-Combined
2006 1st&1st  2007 1st&1st  2008 3rd&4th  2009 4th&14th  2010 1st&2nd  2011 2nd&4th 2012 1st &1ST  2013 1st&1st    2014 4th&4th  2015 1st &1st 2016 1st &1st  2017 1st &1st  2018 
NO MIS Average Speed posted?

No sign of slowing down!
Breaking my old recored of four years in a row back in 1990 thru 1993. This has never been done before in T.C. Concourse
(Unsurpassed!! no brag;  just fact!) look it up!